A Few Of the Reasons You Might Sell Your Home Before You Pay Off Your Mortgage


Selling your home before it’s paid in full is not uncommon. There are several reasons people purchase homes and wind up selling them before they hit the 15 to 30-year mark of mortgage payments. When I really think about it, the last person that seemed to pay off their home was my parents. I have yet to hear about a person these days celebrating for paying off their home. With the economy the way it is today, instead of paying off a home and being set, many people are choosing to refinance or restructure the loan or their homes to try to manage the payment better. Reasons you might want to sell your home while it still has a mortgage include a high mortgage payment, relocation, or you’re exhausted with the rental process.

High Mortgage Payment

Spending a lot of money each month on a single bill can be tough. It doesn’t matter if it is a rent or mortgage payment. High bills for shelter can cause us to run in the opposite direction. Mortgage payments can get higher and depending on the type of mortgage structure you sign up for, your increase can be unbearable. If you’re not interested in the hassle of trying to refinance for a lower payment, or if you’ve already done that but the bill is just too high, then you might have a decision to make. If your mortgage payment is too high you might just consider selling your home sooner than later before you are facing a foreclosure.


There are times when we may need new scenery. One of the things that scares people away from purchasing homes is feeling stuck. There is a way around that. If you need to move away, especially in the event your job needs to relocate you, your house can go on the market. No one really moves that much after retirement, but while you’re of working age, and trying to figure out when and where to settle, you can sell your home. If you suddenly need a bigger house because you’ve decided to take on other guests, that’s a reason to sell with a mortgage as well. As our parents get older, they may need a place for shelter. We have to factor those kinds of things in when we are purchasing our homes. It’s just a matter of figuring out if we would be willing to relocate if it meant we had to sell the home.

Exhausted with The Rental Process

If you’re tired of managing a home you have purchased as an investment opportunity you may be ready to sell. Owning a home and renting it out is tough work. You as the landlord are responsible for a lot of the major things that can happen to the home. If you are taking on tenants that won’t care for your property you can wind up spending money faster than the monthly rent comes in. In the end you could see that you are losing money in the rental. It is time to sell. If you are currently a landlord for a rental property and you need a way out you can search selling a house with a mortgage.

Home ownership means a lot to all of us. Very seldom do we see someone give up home ownership in order to go back to renting. In most cases, someone who sells their home is looking to purchase another one. If a person is relocating to a different state or town, they may not purchase right away, but a new home is probably in the plans for the future. You might sell your home with a mortgage if the payments are too high, you are moving away, or if you’re tired of renting the home out.


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