What Goes on Inside the Brain of a Dog


Don’t we just love our lovable pets? Our fur babies are just the best, and pets best is the best for them. But have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your pet. For all the dog owners, do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking when you call his or her name and they turn their head to the side? Research has been done. Studies have been completely. Essentially, the research and studies reveal that dogs think about more than what humans have believed they thought.

Dogs and humans have developed a very close relationship. That is perhaps why a dog is considered to be a man’s best friend. About fifty percent of American homes have at least one dog in their home. Brain imaging technology has exposed what goes on in the minds of our fur babies. These findings reveal that the canine cranium is spectacular.

A big question dog lover ask is ‘does their dog love them’? Research gives us a definite answer. Dogs really do love their owners. They reciprocate love when given love. Going beyond that, dogs view their owners as family. A dog will turn to a human before another dog. They are reliant on their owners. They rely so much on their owners because of the love and affection they receive. Thus, dog owners must give their fur babies plenty of time and attention to feel they love they desperately need.

Scientist at Emory University studied trained dogs that allowed them to use an MRI machine to test their brains. The scientists revealed trough a neuroimaging study that dogs feel a particular way about their owner’s smell. When a dog smells something that carries an odor of the owner, the dog is actually soothed and comforted. The reward center in the brain of the dog is ignited when they smell their owner’s smell.

Studies also show that dogs can react to their owner’s tone. A happy tone from an owner causes the dog to wag its tail. Whereas a sad or harsh tone, causes a dog to feel a bit of unhappiness. Dogs are also naturally skilled in picking up our moods. When our moods changes, so does theirs. Because of this, owners should be mindful of their tone when speaking to their pet as it effects the pet’s emotions.

Dogs love their owners so much they know no one can do for them like an owner. That is why a dog will run to its owner if it feels nervous, frightened or scared. Dogs seek comfort and protection from their owner. One unique fact about dogs is that they are the only species that will make direct eye contact with their owners. All of this research just goes to show that dogs truly have a genuine bond with their owner. Emotional attachment between a dog and its owner has been prove by science. But haven’t us dog lovers always known that our perfect little pets have an unbreakable bond.


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