Top 5 Bike Hacks You Should Definitely Know About

Motorcyclists love the outdoor life and they will use any excuse to get out in the open. Riding a bike can be for fun. Alternatively, it can also be a serious hobby that many bike enthusiasts can cultivate.

Before you embark on long rides, ensure you have mastered these top 5 hacks.

Hack 1 – Use Damn Gloves to Keep Your Hands Dry:

Riding a bike/motorcycle exposes the rider to nature’s forces such as rain, storms and dust. Rains can cause lots of issues. Damn gloves are the first things to look out for. Try picking up plastic surgical gloves during the rainy season. These are useful items to carry around. Wear them under the under rider gloves. These will keep the hands dry.

Hack 2 – Plastic Bags Are Your Go to Waterproofs:

Although for one-time use as plastic bags are banned but they are indeed a biker’s best friend. They can be used to keep the gear waterproof. These can also be used for covering up the boots and keeping the feet waterproof and save your high leather boots from damage. As uncomfortable as it may sound, plastic bags also help in keeping the hair dry. Wearing it under the helmet has its advantages.

Trash bags or garbage bags are useful items for riders too. Do not hesitate to use the ever useful garbage bag as an additional protection against rains.  

Hack 3 – Keep your Items Safe in Ziplock Pouches:

Zip locks are a biker’s friend too. These little plastic items are beneficial as they can hold luggage together tying multiple bags in the process. Zip locks are available at all grocery and convenient stores. Hence, buy a pack of these and keep them handy whenever you go out for a long spin.

Hack 4 – Use Suspenders Instead of Belts:

Suspenders may not be fashionable for everyone, but they are better than belts for bikers. Jeans tend to slip down, and belts are not very great at keeping them in place. Using suspenders is recommended as they can stop the skin from being exposed while getting around the bike during humid weather conditions.

Hack 5 – Keep Your Baby Wipes Handy:

Get used using Baby Wipes- as these are better than the usual ‘fresh one’s wipes’ available in the markets. These are necessarily meant to keep the bikes, the helmet visor and the riders face clean. Dirt gets into the eye, and baby wipes are a great source of cooling down the irritation and cleaning the eyes as well. It can be used for cleaning the gear and keeping the bike clean too.

Other Hacks That Can Be Helpful:

Buy – gear that is meant to keep the biker protected in the event of a crash. Avoid buying white coloured clothing as it will get discoloured in a matter of weeks. Leather tends to crack in places due to prolonged use. Baby wipes help keep the leather soft and moisturized for long rides.

Lastly, invest in reflectors for the bike, the gear and the helmet. Riding on dark roads can be a hassle for other vehicles to spot a rider and it may cause an accident. And most importantly, follow traffic rules to avoid any untoward incidents.

Most important of above all, if you have backed up your bike with a two wheeler insurance any trouble related to damage to bike and the rider is always covered. So, make sure you get one from the best insurance company.

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