New York Entrepreneurs: Why Do You Need to Hire an Accountant?

If you are an entrepreneur, hiring a professional accountant in New York is vital to ensure your business is running smoothly. An accountant will prepare your balance sheet, a statement of the company’s assets, liabilities, and capital. They use a standard formula to prepare this document. The acquisitions represent the amount owed to third parties. The owner’s equity represents the owner’s investment in the industry.


One of the biggest obstacles for many small business owners is paying taxes, especially if they have a New York location. While tax rates are relatively high in New York, they are a necessary cost of doing business. Unfortunately, the state’s tax code is complicated, deferring to the most relevant calculation for companies. In addition, there are multiple metrics by which a business must calculate its tax bill, which makes it challenging to know which one applies to you.

Creating a balance sheet

In addition to current assets and current liabilities, a balance sheet should also show long-term liabilities, such as mortgages, notes payable, and other investments. Total liabilities are the sum of all these types of liabilities. Owner’s equity refers to the company’s assets plus the total amount of the owner’s debt. Creating a New York entrepreneur’s balance sheet is easy, and the information in this document will help you understand your business better.

Getting funding

Various state agencies can help multiple state agencies. For example, Empire State Development offers small businesses free loans, grants, tax credits, and technical assistance. Its mission is to spur economic growth by supporting local small businesses. To access funding for a small business, you should follow the steps outlined below.

Investing in a professional accountant

As an entrepreneur, you may wonder why you should invest in a professional accountant in New York. Unlike long-time business owners, startups tend to ask for help from coaches and mentors, not accountants, lawyers, or bankers. While these professionals can be expensive, they are vital to a startup’s success.

Choosing a CPA

There are several benefits to choosing a CPA for a New York business owner. Not only can a CPA help you prepare financial statements, but they can also provide other valuable services, such as risk management and payroll administration. They can also perform forensic accounting, which can help you detect fraud and embezzlement. In addition, bookkeeping services can be vital to the smooth running of a business, and a CPA can help you prepare the financial reports you need.

Interviewing a CPA

While a CPA with an accounting degree can perform an essential tax return, it may not be appropriate for an entrepreneur. Just as a general practitioner would not perform cataract surgery, a general practitioner does not qualify to serve as a CPA to an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneurs are in the unique position of making numerous decisions throughout the year, it is essential to choose a firm specializing in the needs of entrepreneurs.

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