Consulting and Business Support in Singapore

Cooperation with Healy Consultants Group PLC (Singapore)

As an economic partner, the Business incorporation in Singapore works hand-in-hand with companies, investors and institutions. It creates a climate of growth and innovation with an international influence on the Singapore commercial site. Thanks to the most complete services, it supports companies in their spatial development possibilities, as well as their ability to innovate and compete. The business incorporation team closely assists business creators, from the lucrative idea to business creation.

Thanks to an attractive offer of infrastructure and retail space, a multi-sector landscape and a lively city center, the Singapore economic center remained particularly attractive in the future for companies and the workforce.

National service providers may coordinate the procedures and formalities required for the registration and exercise of their service activity in Singapore via established companies. The latter receives all the correspondence exchanged during the procedure and forwards it to both the competent administrations and the applicant.

Business creation and independent activity

The group of professionals helps to overcome the multiple challenges faced on the road to independence. It is the ideal partner who supports all matters relating to business creation, e.g. when drawing up a business plan, subscribing to grants or finding suitable premises.

Small model houses

The experts provide assistance in the search for real estate suitable for businesses. Whether buying or renting, land, hall, office or shop, we find the right object for your needs. Although the County Council does not have legal competence in terms of support for employment, the economic dynamism in Singapore is nonetheless an issue. To promote the establishment of companies in Singapore, the Economic agencies and the Chamber of Commerce offer complementary and tailor-made services to project leaders, in the different phases of their development.

These structures, supported by the Departmental Council, are responsible for promoting the assets of the Department, and supporting project owners as well as mature companies in their daily needs and their development.

Support SMEs

The County Council, concerned with the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the territory, initiated actions in the framework of privileged partnerships with the corporate and the Chamber of Trades of Singapore. Significant support is provided to the commercial sector since the Department participates in the financing of commercial activities carried out by the merchants’ associations within the communes.

Helping business creators

The creative period is probably the time in the life of a company where the need for support is most felt. The department provides support for creation-recovery through support to project support associations as well as various initiatives to promote and publicize emerging companies. The actors of the accompaniment can act with the young or remote public of the employment or to intervene particularly in the districts falling under the Policy of the city.

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