A Few Of the Reasons You Might Sell Your Home Before You Pay Off Your Mortgage


Selling your home before it’s paid in full is not uncommon. There are several reasons people purchase homes and wind up selling them before they hit the 15 to 30-year mark of mortgage payments. When I really think about it, the last person that seemed to pay off their home was my parents. I have yet to hear about a person these days celebrating for paying off their home. With the economy the way it is today, instead of paying off a home and being set, many people are choosing to refinance or restructure the loan or their homes to try to manage the payment better. Reasons you might want to sell your home while it still has a mortgage include a high mortgage payment, relocation, or you’re exhausted with the rental process.

High Mortgage Payment

Spending a lot of money each month on a single bill can be …

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